Dear Indian Media

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In particular CNN-IBN please get a life!

Soon after three serial bomb blasts struck Mumbai, a story started floating that July 13 is the birthday of Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist convicted for the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and hinted at the choice of date for the latest terror attack on India’s financial capital.

Some other reports contradicted, pointing out that Ajmal Kasab was born on September 13, 1987. The confusion over Kasab’s date of birth is also reflected in the multiple edits on the Wikipedia page on him. On July 13 alone, the Ajmal Kasab page on Wikipedia underwent at least 25 edits and now his date of birth there reflects both the dates.



Damn You Pi…

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you have tormented me long enough … I am a supporter of tau now… 😐

What’s amazing is the ‘conversion experience’: people find themselves almost violently angry at pi. They feel like they’ve been lied to their whole lives, so it’s amazing how many people express their displeasure with pi in the strongest possible terms – often involving profanity.

“I don’t condone any actual violence – that would be really bizarre, wouldn’t it?”

I wish

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I wish for once when I can act arrogant and get away with it cause I am right.. 😐 😀

What happens in the west stays in the west

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A lot of the things I have been thinking about the UN and its Humanitarian mission has been really well put in this article

For years, the US and the NATO countries have been trying to vanquish the Al Qaeda and the Taliban, without much success. In the past decade, the US and other western militaries, operating in Iraq and Afghanistan to take just two recent examples, have killed and maimed scores of civilians. But except for cursory apologies, none of these nations or the defenders of human rights operating from the safe havens of western capitals have bothered to even acknowledge their gross mistakes.

Nanga oru galathele tennis player

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Federers Prayers I believe got answered 😀

HUH!… :D

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I lookd out of the window by my office to see if there were any pigs in the sky.. 😐 .. 😀

Miss Washington admitted she was having an affair when she conceived, when two eggs were fertilised by the sperm of two men.

“I have twins, but they’re by different fathers,” said Miss Washington told Fox News.

Miss Washington and her partner James Harrison took DNA tests after noticing twins 11-month-old Justin and Jordan, had different facial features.

“Out of all people in America and of all people in the world, it had to happen to me. I’m very shocked,” Miss Washington said.

What a relief!

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Mambalam Mani now has a chance.. 😀


WASHINGTON – Apparently the bad boy doesn’t always get the girl. At least in a South American tribe with the highest known murder rate, it turns out that the most aggressive guys end up with fewer wives and children than milder men, according to a report in Tuesday’s edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers led by Stephen Beckerman of Pennsylvania State University studied the Waorani of Ecuador, who had their first peaceful contact with outsiders in 1958.

The Waorani had a reputation for killing outsiders and being equally aggressive among one another, being listed as having the highest homicide rate known to anthropology. Indeed, over five generations 42 percent of all Waorani population losses were caused by killing one another and another 8 percent were killed in conflicts with outsiders.