The power of Macro economics in a medial terrain

Now we know what is Americas new plan to dominate the world First Macdonald’s and Subway find their way into the indian food market and become “premium” food outlets to make the Indian middle class which is now 350 million ( revealed by great leader of America an astute politician and well renowned economist – George W bush) fatter,lazier and dependent on crappy American food. Then both Condi and Bush go on record saying :

“There are 350-million middle class people in India. They are more than the population of America. When you get wealth, you start demanding better nutrition, more food. They want to eat well so our food prices are rising,” George Bush said

Theirs is a very tactical ploy to make the Indian middle class to start spending 40 rupees on a 1 dollar burger when an idli costs only rs.4 (though in America it costs 2 dollars). But they did not consider in their great tactical plan that we have protectors of our own– the leaders of macro economics– the great institution of communism within the boundaries of capitalism– the leftist parties who saw thru this evil plot and at once decided to make a public statement… a public statement that would make intelligent leaders of the west headed by George W Bush that they arent aware but in reality they have an astute plan of their own..

“We must certainly send out a message to the United States of America that we are going to look after the welfare of our own people,” says Communist Party of India-Marxist Politburo member Brinda Karat.

And the astute brain of Jairam Ramesh has figured out what half the redneck population of America has not in ten years to show the intelligence our great political leaders have aquired over the years

Union Minister of State for Power Jairam Ramesh and Congress spokesperson Jairam Ramesh says, “George Bush has never been known for his knowledge of economics. I think this just proves how comprehensively wrong he is.”

Yes siree he has it all figured out.

Meanwhile of course Saravana Bhavan owner has bowed to the magnificent nutritious diet that is Mcdonald’s. All I can say is ” I am loving it”


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