The problem with going to a restaurant alone is not the long, queasy stares by hand-holding and whispering couples but with the waiter/hostess who seats you as you enter the restaurant and who, inspite of knowing very well that you always come alone, still asks, “Are you by yourself today, Sir?”


4 Responses to “Soli(ci)tude”

  1. It doesn’t stop at a restaurant does it? More like a national time pass.

  2. Karapaampuchi Says:

    You are trying too hard. You are just not good at this. Stop and write your
    codes in office.

  3. filarial Says:

    Stupid It type person above.. stupid assumtion about codes figure again..

  4. Mambalam Mani Says:

    Uugh. Whatever made people to think I am a code-writer in an oppressive IT company. For all you know, I might be a ‘kambi maesthri’ in a construction site. Atleast, that way I would have a life to live for.

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