Middle class morality

About 50 years ago cultural/moral policeman in a culturally conservative country called USA curbed the comic book culture for its evil influence.

“Everybody read comic books. They were the most popular form of entertainment in America,” he said.

The fact that such entertainment was primarily aimed at children and teens raised the ire of authorities, including social scientists, newspaper columnists and political leaders. These works, they believed, were causing crime and degeneracy. They had to be stopped.

Towns hosted bonfires to rid themselves of comics; congressional hearings about the issue helped burnish the image of Tennessee’s Estes Kefauver, who had led hearings against organized crime”

50 years later I see a mob culture has developed in India that is no diffeferent in either its moral policing tactics ( read all the hallaboo about Jodha Akbar for example ) and is the same in countries like Iran or Afghanistan. What I fail to understand is how come idiots all over India still love to say — This is India not Amrika — We have culture and moral values — Insane losers


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