War and Peace

I must say even though I am from the subcontinent– my political awareness is minimum and I have no idea what the situation is with the Burmese Junta. But even so is this ever a viable solution??–

So what other options exist? Retired General William Nash of the Council on Foreign Relations says the US should first pressure China to use its influence over the junta to get them to open up and then supply support to the Thai and Indonesian militaries to carry out relief missions. “We can pay for it — we can provide repair parts to the Indonesians so they can get their Air Force up. We can lend the them two C-130s and let them paint the Indonesian flag on them,” Nash says. “We have to get the stuff to people who can deliver it and who the Burmese government will accept, even if takes an extra day or two and even if it’s not as efficient as the good old US military.” Egeland advocates that the UN Security Council take punitive steps short of war, such as freezing the regime’s assets and issuing warrants for the arrest of individual junta members if they were to leave the country. Similar measures succeeded in getting the government of Ivory Coast to let in foreign relief teams in 2002, Egelend says.

And if that fails? “It’s important for the rulers to know the world has other options,” Egeland says. “If there were, say, the threat of a cholera epidemic that could claim hundreds of thousands of lives and the government was incapable of preventing it, then maybe yes — you would intervene unilaterally.” But by then, it could be too late. The cold truth is that states rarely undertake military action unless their national interests are at stake; and the world has yet to reach a consensus about when, and under what circumstances, coercive interventions in the name of averting humanitarian disasters are permissible. As the response to the 2004 tsunami proved, the world’s capacity for mercy is limitless. But we still haven’t figured out when to give war a chance.

What I fail to understand is what is “responsible journalism”? How can someone advocate war and threats and such arrogance rather than think of a viable solution? How can one invade a country with whose people you have no idea of — whose culture and way of life you do not protect– kill more innocent soldiers in the wake of a disaster that too– and think you are being humanitarian in saving the other half who are in more dire need of aid? On top of that you talk of utter rubbish in destabilizing the south asian region by supplying military assistance to certain nations thus raising the ire of the others while being pseudo intellectual in the other part of the world?? And on the tip you express an opinion about the good old US military that has a great track record on its own.

Addendum– and to think that this guy— has a sub continent type of name and is a “world” editor from time and a Stanford graduate of course adds even more , for the lack of a better word, ” credibility”…


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