Middle Class

What I find distressing of the Middle class I was a apart of three years ago is how much ever I changed the middle class did not change one Iota. They continue to squabble of petty things, mamiar says the same things to the maatu ponni after 20 years and the maatu ponnu gets angry the same way. The same fears of having a successful(= to money to spend) and married ( however bad the bride or groom to whom the son or daughter is being married to) and hence “happy” children drives them. And the need to put those fears constantly onto the children in the name of “I have seen much more of life than you and I am parent so I have right to say so” but in actuality to be at peace with one’s self. The suffocation this breeds is so much so that the urge to completely disappear breeds strong but then I am part and slave of the same system however angry depressed or sarcastic I might be.


2 Responses to “Middle Class”

  1. Fraud!
    God save me from these pseudo Amrikaans

  2. filarial Says:

    😀 serious rant ku endha madri laam comment vea kudathu tut tut..:D

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