Fuel Price Hike: What is everyone thinking?

Communist Parties: Who cares if the oil companies are crying and the Government is subsidizing itself to death. Once again we won the war for the people by reducing the price hike from Rs.10 to Rs.5.

P.Chidambaram: I could have bridged the price gap by levying a new tax to the surcharge collected from fuel sales

Murali Deora: What do you think we are selling? Desalinated water?

Common Man: Once again they fueled speculations of increasing the price by 10 when they were actually going to increase only by 5 so that we will feel ‘less burdened’ at the end.

George Bush: It is not due to war. It is because of the increased spending capacity of the Indian middle class who are driving more for work and leisure.

Jayalalitha: It is because of the poor management under the DMK regime

Indian Media: We have on stage two of the most eminent scientists and economists to discuss what could be the reason for the increase in fuel prices and what this means to the Indian people, blah, blah, blah….

OPEC: (Laughing out too much to even think anything coherent)


3 Responses to “Fuel Price Hike: What is everyone thinking?”

  1. who is murali deora

  2. Who cares? Opposition parties are conducting bandh to reduce fuel prices which is good enough for us.

  3. Well said, Mambalam Mani sir!

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