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Parents should be informed that student went to pee in college

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The Scheduled Caste Commission chairman has summoned the IIT Director to explain why it had asked 12 of its Scheduled Caste students to leave the institute mid-course.

The commission took this step after three of the ousted SC students came to it last week.

”We were singled out even when we did better. We were not marked properly. We were also not given proper guidance to make us do better,” says one of the aggrieved student Ravinder Kumar

Nonsense has no bounds i believe it does not stop here it goes on

”The institutes are supposed to inform parents if students are not doing well and also provide them with back up support to ensure that they improve their academic standards. But this was not done. We have asked the director to hear the students’ complaints personally,” says Buta Singh, Chairman, SC Commission.

The thing that aggrieved me when i was in college was that in the second semester the government actually brought about good changes my abolishing the Madras University, bringing in the anna university syllabus and a grade point average. By the fourth semester all that was scrapped since parents could not understant the GPA system and could not “monitor” how well their “kids” did in college as opposed to a 98/100 “marks”… 



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I cant stop laughing….

City officials are upset by an American warning about the risks of falling into manholes in India’s commercial capital during the monsoon season.

An item posted on the US consulate website said that municipal workers in Mumbai sometimes open manhole covers at times of heavy flooding and then leave them unattended and unmarked.

“It’s possible that you could inadvertently step into an open manhole,” said the warning, issued after the monsoon rains arrived at the weekend.