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How to put it?

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I could not figure out how to interpret this.

“Puneet Gupta, 23, said he was trying to avoid crowded markets, but his girlfriend, Jyotsna Malhotra, 21, said she was determined not to let it get in the way of her fun. “We are not sure what is going to happen tomorrow,” she said. “Better to live today, shop, get him to spend some money on me.” ”

One way is to use the media (& politicians alike) rhetorics and say that it is a sign of India’s resilience in the wake of ‘cowardly acts of terrorism’. Or I can make a wisecrack on  women. Or I have the easier option of criticizing Somini Sengupta for her inappropriate reporting and making light of a horrific incident.

Options are aplenty!



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I just cannot get our penal system. What took seventeen years to sentence this murderer? I know I grew up with people saying you can get lost in the Indian penal system. i have heard horror stories both personal and otherwise of people fighting legal battles. i know the number of pending cases will take the next hundred years to clear even if no new cases are registered from the second I say that. And yet every time I read such crap i still find myself shocked! When will I learn?

“The Joker: I took Gotham’s white knight, and lowered him to our level. It wasn’t hard. Y’see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little…push.”

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I know there reviews galore doing the rounds of the Dark Knight… I choose to pick a friend’s review as something closer to what I would have written….

To add to that… I must say two concepts that the movie showcased intrigued me as to some thoughts I have had about society… one was the concept of total anarchy in a society bound by laws and morals. I always enjoy different human emotions being brought out in movies and in this The dark knight succeeded immensely. The humanity that is brought out in extreme conditions of anarchy is something that moved me.

The other was obviously the character of the Joker. The motivation and drive for his madness not being money and power was extremely piquing. And the conviction of the character and his portrayal  was for a lack of a better word- Mind blowing!

I, the Omnipotent

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I am the most powerful of all. I am the richest. I have the most bloated head. I can twist anybody’s arm and dictate terms to everyone. I am all encompassing, all pervading, and have the final word in everything. Dare not cross my path, lest my vendetta strikes you down to dust. I am the BCCI.

Quadraple Standards

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The government of SA apparently wants to cash in on the world cup mania in a very unique way.. 😀


Durban’s municipality said Germany had many adult entertainment centres during the World Cup in 2006, which were very popular with visitors.

It said while prostitution was illegal in South Africa, it could not ignore the fact that the sex industry thrives during major events like the World Cup.

To address this, entertainment centres such as strip clubs and escort agencies would be located in special areas where they would be safe and easily accessible.

Municipality Deputy Mayor Logie Naidoo said a final decision had not yet been taken.

“The national government will give us a lead in this matter, whether it relates to the 2010 Soccer World Cup or any other time for that matter,” he said.

There are a few glaring things that need to be noted. One obviously being that the law for legal prostitution would exist only for the time the WC lasts. This prooves that yet another culture thinks they are morally righteous but foriegners aren’t .. 😀 so prostitution is only for the “visitors” from other countries.. the other is that the country is trying to fight AIDS which is crippling its population and yet instead of cracking down on it they are trying to cash in on a business which will most definately promote its spread… hmmmm… according to me though prostitution should be leagalised… its done behind doors anyway in any society… legalising it would reduce the number of people who go looking for it cause its not forbidden any more.. 😀 😀

On a road…

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Have you ever noticed that when one goes exploring down a road you havnt been before – time goes slower as you keep covering new ground but goes much faster when you turn and head back….

I had a realisation life is so much like that… as you forage ahead into the unknown its slow frustrating and yet stimulationg all at once….

I have a t-shirt that says “Sshh I am hiding from the stupid ppl”

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My t-shirt btw has been travellling places again and getting more rave reviews and pats on the back– this time it was up in Buffalo, NY … 😀

I found this to be pretty funny

According to the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, the film was screened at a Naples prison where inmates in jail for activities related to the Gomorra — Naples’ version of the Mafia — recognized one of their own among the film’s cast.

The actor, credited in the film as Giovanno Venosa, who is reported to be a wanted organized crime figure with a passion for acting, ended up as part of the no-name cast that director Matteo Garrone selected for the film. He tried out in an open audition and won a role

He was a crime boss who evaded the police for years? I wonder.. Maybe I should turn to a life of crime. I am sure to be really succesful if a guy like this evaded the authorities for so long.. 😀 . It got me thinking though. People tend to become slack after a point of time and start thinking they can do anything without consequences or hurting others. We start taking things for granted and then bamm – life hits you…..