Nuclear deal…

I guess the biggest political joke in the 80s and 90s when I grew up was politicians answering any uncomfortable question posed to them with a ” isme foriegn haath hai” .  To me even though communal politics always existed in the last 10-15 yrs it has reared its ugly head big time. Not surprisingly it has been parallel with the media explosion in the last few years. Something that caught my eye today that got me thinking and of course chuckling

Maya lashes out at UPA, calls N-deal anti-Muslim

Mayawati, who had recently withdrawn support from the UPA government at the Centre, said, ‘‘the deal is being made at the cost of cheaper gas from Iran and the Muslims are vehemently opposed to it.”

I can come up with better conspiracy theories and BS without even blinking my eyes. The sad thing is such a dirty unimaginitive political card will have much more ripples and repurcussions.


5 Responses to “Nuclear deal…”

  1. 12th Man Says:

    Enna kodumai saravanan idhu!
    People have been attributing the Dec 26, 2004 Tsunami to the policies of the opposition parties.
    Idhu emmatharam?

  2. I was laughing out loud for “Makkupedia”, Terrific name!

  3. filarial Says:

    🙂 ..

  4. I have blogrolled you in my blog. Keep your articles coming.

  5. filarial Says:

    Ty.. 🙂

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