I have a t-shirt that says “Sshh I am hiding from the stupid ppl”

My t-shirt btw has been travellling places again and getting more rave reviews and pats on the back– this time it was up in Buffalo, NY … 😀

I found this to be pretty funny

According to the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, the film was screened at a Naples prison where inmates in jail for activities related to the Gomorra — Naples’ version of the Mafia — recognized one of their own among the film’s cast.

The actor, credited in the film as Giovanno Venosa, who is reported to be a wanted organized crime figure with a passion for acting, ended up as part of the no-name cast that director Matteo Garrone selected for the film. He tried out in an open audition and won a role

He was a crime boss who evaded the police for years? I wonder.. Maybe I should turn to a life of crime. I am sure to be really succesful if a guy like this evaded the authorities for so long.. 😀 . It got me thinking though. People tend to become slack after a point of time and start thinking they can do anything without consequences or hurting others. We start taking things for granted and then bamm – life hits you…..


2 Responses to “I have a t-shirt that says “Sshh I am hiding from the stupid ppl””

  1. In a reflective mood are we..?
    P.S. Nee ellam think kooda panvya?

  2. spikeyfan Says:

    one of my favorite funny tees is
    “Im not staring at you, I;m studying my prey”


    it usually gets comments the moment i walk out the door in the a.m.

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