Quadraple Standards

The government of SA apparently wants to cash in on the world cup mania in a very unique way.. 😀


Durban’s municipality said Germany had many adult entertainment centres during the World Cup in 2006, which were very popular with visitors.

It said while prostitution was illegal in South Africa, it could not ignore the fact that the sex industry thrives during major events like the World Cup.

To address this, entertainment centres such as strip clubs and escort agencies would be located in special areas where they would be safe and easily accessible.

Municipality Deputy Mayor Logie Naidoo said a final decision had not yet been taken.

“The national government will give us a lead in this matter, whether it relates to the 2010 Soccer World Cup or any other time for that matter,” he said.

There are a few glaring things that need to be noted. One obviously being that the law for legal prostitution would exist only for the time the WC lasts. This prooves that yet another culture thinks they are morally righteous but foriegners aren’t .. 😀 so prostitution is only for the “visitors” from other countries.. the other is that the country is trying to fight AIDS which is crippling its population and yet instead of cracking down on it they are trying to cash in on a business which will most definately promote its spread… hmmmm… according to me though prostitution should be leagalised… its done behind doors anyway in any society… legalising it would reduce the number of people who go looking for it cause its not forbidden any more.. 😀 😀


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  1. Double edged sword !

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