I have a t shirt which says “Ssh I am hiding from the stupid people”

I was at the Radiohead concert a couple of days ago

I hadn’t heard much of their music before but was enthralled for two hours by their haunting tones. Probably  because i did not know the lyrics i noticed the amazing sync of the light show that went with their music. There was probabaly a crowd 20000 strong and yet it did not feel that at all in the sense that parking the car getting in and settling down was so easy that i was really amazed at how easy it is with proper organization and little a teeny weeny bit of discipline.

I was wearing my T again which resulted in some pleasant perks ..:D

1) when you go back to the beer stand an hour and probabaly 2000 people later the person at the bar stand looks the T and says– hey – smiles and says- I dont need to see an ID i remember you..:D

2) when you get back to the 10000 strong lawn crowd and are looking for your friend standing there somewhere in there unknown strangers you never noticed recognize you smile smugly and point towards where you where… 😀


2 Responses to “I have a t shirt which says “Ssh I am hiding from the stupid people””

  1. Cool, How was the concert? Can u post pictures?

  2. Didnt take camera.. 😦

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