Pride and Glory!

Many cultures share similar values and I think we Indians share a lot in common with the Kenyan culture.. 😀

In Kenya – the birthplace of Mr Obama’s father – President Mwai Kibaki declared a national holiday on Thursday.

Who can forget the pride of our nation Sunita Williams who was born in the great Indian state of of huhh mmmmmmmmmm huhhh  OHIO?? … :O

In other news the Indian parliament works overtime in passing legislation  the 180 days of hard labor that the parliament is in session….

New Delhi: River Ganga, regarded as holy by many Indians, will soon get the status of a ‘National River’.

The decision to name Ganga a ‘National River’ was taken at a meeting Ministries of Water Resources, Environment and Forests, and Urban Development with the Prime Minister in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Referring to the special place the Ganga has in the hearts of all Indians, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the emotional link needs to be recognised.

hmmmmmm… 😀 the emotional link needs to be recognized?? you would think even if such an issue would be recognized they would pass legislation sanctioning money and barring industries from polluting it… people from taking a piss or a shit by it… :|… losers!!


One Response to “Pride and Glory!”

  1. I dont care about about our sharing values. What I demand is Cauvery to be declared as a National River too and ruled that its entire water belong only to TN. Hmph.

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