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The Simpsons!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 27, 2009 by filarial

I remember one of the first jokes on the Simpsons show that I laughed insanely too over 16 years ago :

Homer: looking at the globe andĀ snickering in homer style – pointing to Uruguay and saying: ” look Marge there is a country for Gay people- U-r-gay”..:D over the years I have tortured many a soul with this joke..:D šŸ˜€

though their quality has gone down in the last few years no doubt- this is a great achievement- hats off to the team that created the Simpsons!

Animated comedy The Simpsons is to become the longest-running prime-time series in US TV history after makers Fox ordered another two seasons.





Posted in Governments, Stupid Politicians with tags on February 24, 2009 by filarial

Is this what theseĀ idiots need to be concentrating on?

President Obama’s address Tuesday to a joint session of Congress will have a heavy emphasis on the economy and will try to strike an optimistic tone, aides said.

That’s a sign Obama has heard the criticism, including from former President Clinton, that he needs to mix sober talk with an upbeat bottom line.

Get out of campaign mode and do something already!