How come there are no films curtailing a poor village in Tamil Nadu where a group of Brahmin kids play soccer and win some equisite international tournament in a heart rendering tale I ask?


2 Responses to “Phillims”

  1. Because I dont know of may Brahmin directors who make films and the one I know, Maniratnam, is catering to the Bollywood which doesn’t care about Tam-Brahms anyway.

  2. ManiRatnam is a Leftist. The only film which had a tam-brahm in a significant character was thalapathy where in, the character was potrayed by his leftist mamanaar as a bigot.

    and brahmin kids play soccer ? expand your imaginations…. there are fantasies beyond sports gameshows and treasure hunts 😛
    perhaps something in the line of Marmadesams, a temple priest finding a prophetical statement contained in a palm leaf in the temple…………

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