Filarial and Mambalam Mani are two opposite tam-brams. Filarial is a lover of tamil where as Mambalam Mani is a lover of Thamizh. There is we agree a subtle difference between the two but we are willing to work things out and have continued to be friends over the years.

Filarial does say at times– “People! There is no difference. You morons are writing it in English anyway– how does it matter if you say tamil or thamizh”. But that is just something he would say and Mambalam Mani would disagree with.

Now the purpose of this blog is to vent out our frustration at all these morons who love to have opinions on anything and everything- pardon the language but Filarial could not think of any better way to describe this group of homo-sapiens.

About the authors of this blog:

Mambalam_Mani— was brought up in Mambalam and hence is a lover of Thamizh. He loves playing out door sports and in the night adornes the secret identity of a ” Gurkha ” and saves the world from evil. He is a big fan of PG Wodehouse and uses the words nuptials almost everyday in sorrow as to why it isnt being said with respect to him.

Filarial– is understood to be a confused tam-bramh no doubt for he cannot understand why it is so moronic to say tamil and not Thamizh. His hindi used to be good but under the able influence of Mambalam Mani he ha come to realise hindi is about one sentence.. “ek gaun mein ek kissan raghu thatha”. At nights he is a sidekick to “Gurkha” and chases lonely street dogs and thus saves the world.

Mambalam Mani and Filarial would like to say– “If female type tam bramhs ever land up perusing this blog and happen to be single we are open to any type of questions you might have so that we may be given the chance to sway you. We are very ambitious and have plans of world domination but are a little low on confidence when it comes to female type tam bramhs. Be understanding and do fraandships please”


One Response to “About”

  1. hello fellow makkus! may I come in ?
    but let me make it clear, I am not a ‘confused’ Tam-Bram and am not as desperate as u 2 are 😛

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