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I, the Omnipotent

Posted in Cricket, Mambalam Mani with tags on July 17, 2008 by Mambalam Mani

I am the most powerful of all. I am the richest. I have the most bloated head. I can twist anybody’s arm and dictate terms to everyone. I am all encompassing, all pervading, and have the final word in everything. Dare not cross my path, lest my vendetta strikes you down to dust. I am the BCCI.


On why the media always gets it wrong

Posted in Blighted Media, Cricket, Mambalam Mani on May 1, 2008 by Mambalam Mani

Admit it Indian media. You may have the subscription base. But you are not as smart as your white skinned counterparts. Seriously. You cannot be so whimsical. Backing somebody so much and then dumping the person like a bag of trash. Harbhajan was supported to the hilt when he was ‘racially discriminated’ against by Aussies down under. And now he is being trounced by the India media as a vicious person who must be ‘punished’, ‘not to be dealt with softly anymore’, etc. I thought those were declarations reserved by the Australian media who, predictably, are laughing their hearts out.

But there must be a section of people in the Indian contingent who obviously did not like Harbhajan, the hero who became the modern face of India’s fight against racial discrimination so recently, and they joined hands with evil forces from Australia and South Africa, who were keen to see his downfall before his popularity assumes gigantic proportions. They have twisted the facts of events that happened a few days back and as a result our turbanator is made to look like a spoilt brat.

I sequentially analyzed the events that happened in those few hours and have come to the conclusion that Harbhajan is innocent. So is Sreesanth. And so is Amiesh Sahiba. My point is that events were misconstrued deliberately to make Harbhajan look like an offender. It is reported that after the Kings XI won the match, the players on field were shaking hands with their opposition. At this moment, the ever excited Sreesanth went upto Harbhajan and told him, “Hard Luck” which triggered our Sardar to slap the well wisher hard on his cheek. Suspiciously, no video evidence of the slap has so far made its way through the all pervasive internet. This makes it all the more fishy. Added to this is that post-slapping interviews of all concerned and unconcerned players. Harbhajan virtuously declares that he never slapped Sreesanth who in turn clearly states that he never had any ‘gumblaints’ about Harbhajan in the first place. He also goes to say that Harbhajan is like his elder brother who did not slap him but probably just ‘shook him in the wrong place’. So for all you morons – the evidence (or the lack of it) is out there. Both parties categorically declining that the event took place unlike the incidents that happened down under, where there were two section with opposing views leading to a hearing to decide who ‘sounded more convincing‘.

If Harbhajan did not slap Sreesanth then what made him cry? Further analysis of the videos reveal the truth. When the players were walking back to the pavilion, an exuberant Preity Zinta was captured on tape to give Brett Lee a bear hug and a light peck on the cheek. Reliable sources have however revealed that she refused to do the same to some of the Indian players. Some of them took umbrage at this and ignored her. But Sreesanth could not bear the insult. His childish sensibilities overcame his self-control and he started crying because of the insult, as well as the lost opportunity to attain instantaneous ‘adulthood’. Infact, Sangakkara who felt so much for this poor chap can even be seen trying to persuade Preity Zinta to give Sreesanth atleast a tap on his head, but to no avail.

Seriously you blighted people in the India media, cant you see that what transpired must have been an unusually delicate matter to have made poor Sreesanth cry. Otherwise, he would have reacted in numerous ways to being slapped as he has in the past like this, this, this or this.