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What happens in the west stays in the west

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A lot of the things I have been thinking about the UN and its Humanitarian mission has been really well put in this article

For years, the US and the NATO countries have been trying to vanquish the Al Qaeda and the Taliban, without much success. In the past decade, the US and other western militaries, operating in Iraq and Afghanistan to take just two recent examples, have killed and maimed scores of civilians. But except for cursory apologies, none of these nations or the defenders of human rights operating from the safe havens of western capitals have bothered to even acknowledge their gross mistakes.


Fear Socialism .. :| all hail capitalism

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Another instance of hidden socialism… 😐 …. 😀

AT&T Inc., the second-biggest U.S. mobile-phone company, agreed to pay $2.35 billion in cash to buy assets that regulators forced Verizon Wireless to sell.

The network assets and mobile licenses are for 79 service regions in 18 states, mostly rural areas, Dallas-based AT&T said today in a statement. Costs to integrate subscribers and other expenses will dilute earnings per share by about 6 cents in the year after the deal closes, AT&T said.

Political Clout

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Corruption in politics is a given. Its just more organised in the western world.. consider this

The sad truth is there is enough data on the government rescue efforts to indicate decisively that OppenheimerFund would have received a much better deal if it was politically well- connected. It’s an especially good idea to have connections in both parties.

For comparison’s sake, consider the treatment of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

When American International Group Inc. crumbled, threatening Goldman Sachs with huge losses, the government stepped in and made the firm whole. It funneled a whopping $12.9 billion to Goldman Sachs through the AIG bail-out.

Part of Club

Might the government have been so generous because Henry Paulson, Treasury secretary under President George W. Bush, and Robert Rubin, an Obama adviser, are both former Goldman Sachs men?

the circumstances uder which Lehman Brothers were allowed to fail but Goldman Sacs and AIG are just too BIG to fail is very questionable and funny.

The other funny thing is the way the secured bond holders are being potrayed as devils incarnate.. 😀 they are investing hard earned money which the govt wants to donate for public casues.. ummm isnt that socialism.. 😀

Economic Times?

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I dont understand something about the AIG hue and cry. Executives have made obscene amounts of money for decades. It is what capitalistic society is about.. :D. SO suddenly if an executive flies first class it is outrageous?/.. 😐 and then this tax bill passed through the US senate..

The 328-93 House vote came amid a national outcry over $165 million AIG paid in bonuses last week after receiving $173 billion in bailout funds as part of the government’s efforts to stabilize credit markets. President Barack Obama said he was “stunned” by the bonuses and vowed to recoup the money. Nineteen state governments have begun probes of the AIG bonuses.

That is kind of the biggest cover up of the lack of finacial regulation and accountability. It adds up to .. I will give you 173 Billion dollars and then subtract 165 million so that the tax payers money is going to the right cause. That still amounts to 172.99 Billion dollars.. 😀 okay I know I am weak in math.. 😐 .. 😀 and the fact is .. there was no regulation in place which said- the money u are drawing is to pay of bad assets not keep your employees happy!


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Is this what these idiots need to be concentrating on?

President Obama’s address Tuesday to a joint session of Congress will have a heavy emphasis on the economy and will try to strike an optimistic tone, aides said.

That’s a sign Obama has heard the criticism, including from former President Clinton, that he needs to mix sober talk with an upbeat bottom line.

Get out of campaign mode and do something already!

Fuel Price Hike: What is everyone thinking?

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Communist Parties: Who cares if the oil companies are crying and the Government is subsidizing itself to death. Once again we won the war for the people by reducing the price hike from Rs.10 to Rs.5.

P.Chidambaram: I could have bridged the price gap by levying a new tax to the surcharge collected from fuel sales

Murali Deora: What do you think we are selling? Desalinated water?

Common Man: Once again they fueled speculations of increasing the price by 10 when they were actually going to increase only by 5 so that we will feel ‘less burdened’ at the end.

George Bush: It is not due to war. It is because of the increased spending capacity of the Indian middle class who are driving more for work and leisure.

Jayalalitha: It is because of the poor management under the DMK regime

Indian Media: We have on stage two of the most eminent scientists and economists to discuss what could be the reason for the increase in fuel prices and what this means to the Indian people, blah, blah, blah….

OPEC: (Laughing out too much to even think anything coherent)