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What happens in the west stays in the west

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A lot of the things I have been thinking about the UN and its Humanitarian mission has been really well put in this article

For years, the US and the NATO countries have been trying to vanquish the Al Qaeda and the Taliban, without much success. In the past decade, the US and other western militaries, operating in Iraq and Afghanistan to take just two recent examples, have killed and maimed scores of civilians. But except for cursory apologies, none of these nations or the defenders of human rights operating from the safe havens of western capitals have bothered to even acknowledge their gross mistakes.


Fear Socialism .. :| all hail capitalism

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Another instance of hidden socialism… 😐 …. 😀

AT&T Inc., the second-biggest U.S. mobile-phone company, agreed to pay $2.35 billion in cash to buy assets that regulators forced Verizon Wireless to sell.

The network assets and mobile licenses are for 79 service regions in 18 states, mostly rural areas, Dallas-based AT&T said today in a statement. Costs to integrate subscribers and other expenses will dilute earnings per share by about 6 cents in the year after the deal closes, AT&T said.

Political Clout

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Corruption in politics is a given. Its just more organised in the western world.. consider this

The sad truth is there is enough data on the government rescue efforts to indicate decisively that OppenheimerFund would have received a much better deal if it was politically well- connected. It’s an especially good idea to have connections in both parties.

For comparison’s sake, consider the treatment of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

When American International Group Inc. crumbled, threatening Goldman Sachs with huge losses, the government stepped in and made the firm whole. It funneled a whopping $12.9 billion to Goldman Sachs through the AIG bail-out.

Part of Club

Might the government have been so generous because Henry Paulson, Treasury secretary under President George W. Bush, and Robert Rubin, an Obama adviser, are both former Goldman Sachs men?

the circumstances uder which Lehman Brothers were allowed to fail but Goldman Sacs and AIG are just too BIG to fail is very questionable and funny.

The other funny thing is the way the secured bond holders are being potrayed as devils incarnate.. 😀 they are investing hard earned money which the govt wants to donate for public casues.. ummm isnt that socialism.. 😀

Economic Times?

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I dont understand something about the AIG hue and cry. Executives have made obscene amounts of money for decades. It is what capitalistic society is about.. :D. SO suddenly if an executive flies first class it is outrageous?/.. 😐 and then this tax bill passed through the US senate..

The 328-93 House vote came amid a national outcry over $165 million AIG paid in bonuses last week after receiving $173 billion in bailout funds as part of the government’s efforts to stabilize credit markets. President Barack Obama said he was “stunned” by the bonuses and vowed to recoup the money. Nineteen state governments have begun probes of the AIG bonuses.

That is kind of the biggest cover up of the lack of finacial regulation and accountability. It adds up to .. I will give you 173 Billion dollars and then subtract 165 million so that the tax payers money is going to the right cause. That still amounts to 172.99 Billion dollars.. 😀 okay I know I am weak in math.. 😐 .. 😀 and the fact is .. there was no regulation in place which said- the money u are drawing is to pay of bad assets not keep your employees happy!

Parochial Parrots

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I was wondering all morning when a Parachial Idiot would come up with this.. 😀

Islamabad: A Pakistani minister accused India of being behind the attack on Sri Lanka’s cricket team in the city of Lahore on Tuesday, saying the attackers had crossed into Pakistan from India.


“The evidence which we have got shows that these terrorists entered from across the border from India,” Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol, minister of state for shipping, told private Geo television

But absolutely shocking string of events….

The Global Media & the American Election – A Timeline

Posted in Blighted Media, Idiot Soceity, Mambalam Mani on November 6, 2008 by Mambalam Mani

Two years ago: Coverage of Obama begins, marking the beginning of a new era in modern media in which hype and hoopla gains a whole new meaning.

One year ago: Media falls completely head over heels for Obama causing the money Obama spent for campaigning redundant. Indian media had no other option but to follow suit. After all they have to chose the path of their Godfathers. Meanwhile, McCain gathers attention too.

3 Months back: Media still frenzied about Obama but found new dolls in Joe Biden & Sarah Palin, whose names too got tossed around liberally. Suddenly US seemed to be a nice place. No reports of Gun shots in school or in downtowns, no girls being abducted, no texas ranch misdeamenours in media. It is all economy and the US elections.

1 Month back: Sarah Palin’s craning the neck to see audience at an angle of 90 degrees to her at the Republic National Convention occupies airwaves as much as Obama’s call for change.

3 Weeks back: Major plasma TV manufacturers would have seen a spike in the number of complaints from consumers about their TV sets retaining static images of Obama or McCain or their names on the screen. This is easily attributable to to the concept of burn-in, that affects pixels when you pause or have the TV showing the same image for too long causing these images to be burned into the pixles of the TV, a conditon that was natural considering the amount of time the images of these people were on channels.

2 Weeks back: The new Glam doll loses its sheen, after it was found that her ideas of experience for Vice-Presidency were rather strange including the much publicized reason of her state’s geographic proximity to Russia. This could give ideas to politicians all around the world including our own Dravidian parties. We could soon have Jayalalitha proclaiming her experience in International relations after dealing with problematic Sri Lanka which is quite clearly visible, if the observer strains a bit, from Rameshwaram.

1 Week back: Media focuses more on Obama including all his relations, dead or alive. Analyze for the millionth time what could possibly go wrong in Obama’s march to the White House and reiterate for the 10,000th time the importance of swing states.

1 day back: People all over the world praying to God and thanking Him, not just for the new Government but also as they believed they will get to see some real news other than US elections. Brats in Chennai who will probably not vote even after turning 18, citing reasons from academic commitments to want of choice in Indian political scene, are exuberant in procaliming that their vote goes for Obama as if the guy in Michigan who got laid off because his job was shipped off to China and India was waiting to hear their opinion.

1 hour back: Media doesnt want to give in that easily. It now analyzes the victory by plotting nice histograms and pie-charts that would actually convince the viewers to think that the anchor is talking about something significant. CNN comes up with unique ways of classifying the voters to and analyzes to find out the preffered candidate of each group. Groups included seniors over 65, first time voters, pregnant women, afro-americans, people who got laid-off in recent months, smokers, rapists, suicide attemptors, con artists, circus trainers, Starbucks lovers, etc., Also, a special report on the new daily activities of the Presidential-Elect (from going to the Gym in the morning) and a new poll enticing the viewers to decide if “Sarah Palin was given the bum’.

1 min back: CNN obviously has had enough of the election and John McCain and now want to focus on challenges ahead of Obama. They talk fervently about how Obama has tough challenges ahead and would be having his first security briefing today. They even manage to hook up to a specialist in Washington DC for expert opinion on what briefing could be about. The expert ends up speculating that it could range from threats to US posed by Iran, the hunt for terrorists in Pakistan and talks about how Clinton and Bush faced big attacks in their first year and so why Obama would be getting prepared for one.

Meanwhile, all NRIs in US who happily supported Obama, by announcing it in Gtalk, Orkut and other public domains, because they ‘care’ are in jubilation. Skeptics like me, who question the point of this valiant exercise, are abused with phrases such as ‘not intelligent enough to follow politics’, ‘you dont care about what is happening. you are lackadaisical’, ‘as an educated person you should be aware of it’ etc., Not that I dont know what is happening, because all channels and newspapers and blogs have been agog with this ‘phenomenon’. Enough has been said and discussed about the pros and cons of having Obama or McCain as next President, that people are all aware of it. But still what is the point in proclaiming ‘Go Obama’, ‘Change has come’ etc. How do you know, for example, change has come? You will know change only after it happens right? Or is just a new party at the helm the ultimate change everyone wanted? Pretty confusing, if you ask me. Because who cares what NRIs think? Americans are going to think what is best for them and decide. And.. oh what the hell! Who am I trying to convince? Damn all.

Pride and Glory!

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Many cultures share similar values and I think we Indians share a lot in common with the Kenyan culture.. 😀

In Kenya – the birthplace of Mr Obama’s father – President Mwai Kibaki declared a national holiday on Thursday.

Who can forget the pride of our nation Sunita Williams who was born in the great Indian state of of huhh mmmmmmmmmm huhhh  OHIO?? … :O

In other news the Indian parliament works overtime in passing legislation  the 180 days of hard labor that the parliament is in session….

New Delhi: River Ganga, regarded as holy by many Indians, will soon get the status of a ‘National River’.

The decision to name Ganga a ‘National River’ was taken at a meeting Ministries of Water Resources, Environment and Forests, and Urban Development with the Prime Minister in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Referring to the special place the Ganga has in the hearts of all Indians, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the emotional link needs to be recognised.

hmmmmmm… 😀 the emotional link needs to be recognized?? you would think even if such an issue would be recognized they would pass legislation sanctioning money and barring industries from polluting it… people from taking a piss or a shit by it… :|… losers!!