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How come there are no films curtailing a poor village in Tamil Nadu where a group of Brahmin kids play soccer and win some equisite international tournament in a heart rendering tale I ask?


Parents should be informed that student went to pee in college

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The Scheduled Caste Commission chairman has summoned the IIT Director to explain why it had asked 12 of its Scheduled Caste students to leave the institute mid-course.

The commission took this step after three of the ousted SC students came to it last week.

”We were singled out even when we did better. We were not marked properly. We were also not given proper guidance to make us do better,” says one of the aggrieved student Ravinder Kumar

Nonsense has no bounds i believe it does not stop here it goes on

”The institutes are supposed to inform parents if students are not doing well and also provide them with back up support to ensure that they improve their academic standards. But this was not done. We have asked the director to hear the students’ complaints personally,” says Buta Singh, Chairman, SC Commission.

The thing that aggrieved me when i was in college was that in the second semester the government actually brought about good changes my abolishing the Madras University, bringing in the anna university syllabus and a grade point average. By the fourth semester all that was scrapped since parents could not understant the GPA system and could not “monitor” how well their “kids” did in college as opposed to a 98/100 “marks”… 

Middle Class

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What I find distressing of the Middle class I was a apart of three years ago is how much ever I changed the middle class did not change one Iota. They continue to squabble of petty things, mamiar says the same things to the maatu ponni after 20 years and the maatu ponnu gets angry the same way. The same fears of having a successful(= to money to spend) and married ( however bad the bride or groom to whom the son or daughter is being married to) and hence “happy” children drives them. And the need to put those fears constantly onto the children in the name of “I have seen much more of life than you and I am parent so I have right to say so” but in actuality to be at peace with one’s self. The suffocation this breeds is so much so that the urge to completely disappear breeds strong but then I am part and slave of the same system however angry depressed or sarcastic I might be.

Middle class morality

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About 50 years ago cultural/moral policeman in a culturally conservative country called USA curbed the comic book culture for its evil influence.

“Everybody read comic books. They were the most popular form of entertainment in America,” he said.

The fact that such entertainment was primarily aimed at children and teens raised the ire of authorities, including social scientists, newspaper columnists and political leaders. These works, they believed, were causing crime and degeneracy. They had to be stopped.

Towns hosted bonfires to rid themselves of comics; congressional hearings about the issue helped burnish the image of Tennessee’s Estes Kefauver, who had led hearings against organized crime”

50 years later I see a mob culture has developed in India that is no diffeferent in either its moral policing tactics ( read all the hallaboo about Jodha Akbar for example ) and is the same in countries like Iran or Afghanistan. What I fail to understand is how come idiots all over India still love to say — This is India not Amrika — We have culture and moral values — Insane losers

How filarial became assistant to Mambalam Mani (Gurkha by night)

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I used to be scared shit of street dogs till about the second year of college- when one night at about 1 am I got so mad at the barking street dogs i just went out and chased the dogs down the street waving madly wearing a lunghi and banyan…. there was watch man who said- “Saar seriya erukengalaa.. saaar”…. anyway I found the dogs were now scareder of me.. easy enough

I think the strategy will work with these stupid communist politicians as well .. in fact what the heck all politicians

Sighhh.. I miss Madras ..

In the year 2016

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There will be coaching classes in third standard to get into coaching classes in fifth standard to get into coaching classes in eigth standard to get into coaching classes in 11th standard to get into IIT

Why I like IPL and hate all ‘seth’ pasanga…

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The IPL is good. It groups players from different countries in the same teams and makes them play against each other (or with each other depending upon the way you interpret it). This makes those interesting yet commercially drab one-off World XI vs some-other-team XI a regular feature. I do not know how good it is for young players, with Lalit Modi claiming that it would expose fledgling players to professionals and would aid their development. One thing that is certain is that the fielding w(sh)ould improve. Indian players might lift their fielding levels in one match but it would inevitably drop the next match. Competitiveness can cause Indian players to lift their fielding levels on observing opposing teams like Australia and South Africa on the field. But it is a different issue when you have them as your own team mates and you field side by side with them. The embarrassment of letting a ball slip through the hands when the foreign player dives and stops the same should stimulate our ever-ageing players to be more alert (hopefully).

Generally, international tours last forever. Three or more test matches followed by 5 ODIs and all played against the same team. Indian tour of Australia lasted nearly one and a half months. Before they play against a team from West Indies or England, half the side would have changed in the opposition due to injuries, retirement or players being dropped due to lack of form. So either ICC should have test series featuring more than 3 test teams or let the IPL format prevail in all modes of cricket. More fun.

Since the ICC is an inert elephant, we can safely assume it will do nothing. So once again our dear old Lalit will jump into the act and conduct tournaments withing the IPL league in all three formats of the game. All players who swear by their country saying that they put commitment to the national team before anything else will eventually end up in IPL. And this is where the IPL and BCCI become autonomous entities (Yaaay!!) Then the concept of nationality loses credibility. And there will be no more Indian team playing international matches, losing half the time and thereby casting half its fans in anguish and launching the other half into a stoning and burning spree. Instead, fans can cheer for their local teams. Maybe this would cause the people to fight within India. But it is nothing new. People anyways fight within India and so this would serve just as an added reason to fight within ourselves Whenever Bangalore plays Chennai, we can have overwhelming feelings sweeping the two states which can substitute an India-Pakistan match. Chennai fans can raise slogans saying, “We are the Super Kings of land as well as water” whenever we (Chennai) win a match. (Chennai team’s sponsors India Cements can also coin a slogan that goes something like ‘The team is rock solid just like our cement’, though the Bangalore fans might get back at it by saying ‘For making that cement you first need to get water from us’.

Since most of the money in cricket is within India, why let it go to foreign cricket boards in the name of International matches. Lets play league matches within ourselves and keep the revenue to ourselves with a small portion of it given as match fees or contracts to those poor foreign players. Then there will be no need for ICC and even if there is one, nobody will care about it. We can organize matches between our local teams. And like the American concept, whoever wins in the matches between the regional teams will be crowned the ‘World Champions’. It is tough foreseeing India ever on the top of Test or ODI rankings or even the T20 rankings on a consistent basis. So let us have only our regional matches and we would always have some team from India that would be world champions! Win-Win situation.

Ok, so now we have the IPL and I am supporting it fully. So it is time to take stands. Naturally, my l(r)oyalty lies with Chennai. But in neutral matches, I will support some teams. Firstly, I will support any team that plays Mumbai. Reason? Mumbai is the only team in the league that has made all its foreign players naturalized citizens of India by naming itself as ‘Mumbai Indians’ while all the other foreign players in the rest of the teams remain aliens in our Hindustan. Secondly, Mumbai fans are probably the only idiots in the country who chant ‘ganapathi bappa moriya’ during an IPL match when their team was losing. Invoking Hanuman for some reasons is OK. Praying to Ganapathi is not.
I also would support any team that plays the Kolkata Knight Riders team. Mainly, I am sick of Shahrukh Khan and his antics. He comes with a pony tail like a eunuch and dances with cricketers and uses the popularity of cricket to market his movies and himself. Two, it has a name that is so blatantly copied from a show which Shahrukh Khan saw decades ago. Three, the team coach is John Buchannan. I do not like the Kings XI Punjab for similar reasons involving Preity Zinta. I do not like the Deccan Chargers because it is sponsored by Deccan Chronicle which unceremoniously snatched away half the readership from Chennai’s beloved national newspaper The Hindu. Naturally, as a Chennaivaasi I cannot support Bangalore even in my dreams, as not only do they still refuse to give water to TamilNadu but the Bangaloreans (or Bengalooreans) burned effigies of Rajinikanth. As for the Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals, they were so blinded enough to induct Pakistani batsmen in their teams. So reejeted.

Hmm, finally I guess I have only team that I can support. I should have foreseen this one coming.

*To Chennaivaasis, anybody who comes beyond Gummidipundi are ‘Seth’, just like all North Indians consider people from the south to be Madrasis