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Ancestors had leg-up to trees … I cant think of a funnier title either

Posted in Stupid Environmentalists on May 16, 2008 by filarial

I just found this insanely funny..:D

The ancestors of humans, apes and monkeys may have taken to the trees because of their small body size.

Scientists have long wondered why early primates inhabited forest canopies, given that climbing appears to consume more energy than walking.

US researchers studied primates climbing and walking on treadmills.

They say there was no difference in energy consumption for small primates, giving clues to how their ancestors entered the trees 65 million years ago.

Dr Jandy Hanna of Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, said the data suggested that the earliest primates were able to exploit a new environment without added cost if they remained small.


I say Filarial says

Posted in Stupid Environmentalists with tags , on April 22, 2008 by filarial

I was moved by this song– albiet a simplistic philosophy no doubt– especially by the words

“If everyone cared nobody cried

if everyone loved and nobody lied

if everyone shared and swallowed their pride”

the rest is very genaralistic and hence the essence is lost

but filarial says– if that happened things would not progress and we wouldnt be debating hence u would be a vegetable which might be good for “earth day” …you moron

Greenhouse Gasses day waan!

Posted in Stupid Environmentalists with tags , on April 21, 2008 by filarial

What am I going to do for green house gasses day? two things–

1) I am campaigning to get Ethylene Glycol the status of a green house gas — it feels fat solid and left out and doesn’t have any privileges…

2) I wont eat mexican on that day cause i am known to emit a lot of methane if so

Dmbasses– what day can we celebrate next I say