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Slumdog Millionaire

Posted in Thought River on December 17, 2008 by filarial

Hey I accomplished something on my 10 things to do. I saw a movie in NY city that was a limited release meaning it was released only in LA and new york..:D. I loved it. I don’t know if it was my imagination but it just seemed the crowd was more passioante and well informed and truly enjoyed some of the niceties of the movie. It was an almost similar experience in a way to when I saw Burn ofter Reading in LA. The atmosphere is just different… I cant quite put it into words.

With Slumdog Millionaire I finally found a foreign film that depicted India so well. Though it is not quite the India that I know of for after all I was part of probably 1 percent of the population that got to go to an english medium school throughout his childhood and was quite sheilded from the slums or the way life evolves for a child in that environment. Other than that the things I liked in the movie- the pace, the role chance has to play in moving the script forward. I loved the cinematography and the way the story is told…. From the perspective of three main protagonists at different ages…. Though some of the sad twists were common—in that I mean to make a film or story an award winner one has to have prostitution and abnormal sex in some form…. I was happy they did not quite use the pedophile angle…


On a road…

Posted in Thought River with tags on July 11, 2008 by filarial

Have you ever noticed that when one goes exploring down a road you havnt been before – time goes slower as you keep covering new ground but goes much faster when you turn and head back….

I had a realisation life is so much like that… as you forage ahead into the unknown its slow frustrating and yet stimulationg all at once….