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HUH!… :D

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I lookd out of the window by my office to see if there were any pigs in the sky.. 😐 .. 😀

Miss Washington admitted she was having an affair when she conceived, when two eggs were fertilised by the sperm of two men.

“I have twins, but they’re by different fathers,” said Miss Washington told Fox News.

Miss Washington and her partner James Harrison took DNA tests after noticing twins 11-month-old Justin and Jordan, had different facial features.

“Out of all people in America and of all people in the world, it had to happen to me. I’m very shocked,” Miss Washington said.


The Simpsons!

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I remember one of the first jokes on the Simpsons show that I laughed insanely too over 16 years ago :

Homer: looking at the globe and snickering in homer style – pointing to Uruguay and saying: ” look Marge there is a country for Gay people- U-r-gay”..:D over the years I have tortured many a soul with this joke..:D 😀

though their quality has gone down in the last few years no doubt- this is a great achievement- hats off to the team that created the Simpsons!

Animated comedy The Simpsons is to become the longest-running prime-time series in US TV history after makers Fox ordered another two seasons.



The greek Island of Lesbos

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Trust this to crop up in Greece…:D

The issue boils down to who has the right to call themselves Lesbians.

Is it gay women, or the 100,000 people living on Greece’s third biggest island – plus another 250,000 expatriates who originate from Lesbos?


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Cometh the hour Cometh the man–Scholes!


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Driving in New york city was just like driving in Madras– really refrshing — helped get back into my elements of driving– the only thing missing?– someone shouting–” Yoo Ootu le soltu vantiya — beymaani”

Into the Wild

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Why self realization is so important— best line from the movie?== ” career is a 20th century created fantasy”

or something like that

I have a T shirt which says- “Shh I am hiding from the stupid people”

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My rant for the week– whats with the sign on Mcdonalds–“Billions and Billions served” ? is that like a poke at the poor sods who work there or more like an ode to the idiots who eat there? is billions and billions more than billlions? huh?