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Posted in Madras, Mambalam, Mambalam Mani, wannabees on April 20, 2008 by Mambalam Mani

For me there is only one city worth living in: Madras (I would occasionally acknowledge the modern name of Chennai) and only one area in Madras that is worth living in: Mambalam. (I would occasionally acknowledge the modern name of West Mambalam). These two constitute the microcosm of the world for me. After visiting numerous cities I have come to the foregone conclusion that Chennai is the best place to be. However, beautiful a city maybe it lacks the charm that the dirty roads of Madras have. However, great the skyline maybe it lacks the garishness offered by the numerous hoardings of political parties and newly released movies alike that adorn Madras. However, kind the people maybe it lacks the warmth of the people you would feel in Madras which is not felt just because of the congestion.

I hate it when people who live abroad (read as US) for a few years (a year in most cases) immediately start talking about Madras in derogatory tones:
1. worst ooru machi, ore pollution
2. auto people are very bad da,
3. enga paathalum koottam,
4. people in US are so nice, they even open the doors for you
5. I can never go back to India. I will get H1b and stay in US
To all these people, I say Up yours. You are considered a permanent resident for a brief period of time at the beginning of every year solely for tax purposes. Once that is over you are an alien again. It does not matter whether you get H1b, green card or a ration card in US or for that matter any country, you are always a alien. The collective public opinion, cleverly shepherded by every Government, would ensure that irrespective of how much hospitable the people are, you would always be treated as a alien (which is logical too).

I find these ‘wannabees’ suddenly wearing national pride on their badges while talking to their American colleagues and elaborate on the increasing dominance of India in fields like IT (And then while talking to fellow Indians, all the complaints about India would rush out). As if every American is proud of the jobs being outsourced, these ‘wannabees’ would trumpet about their burgeoning pride of the increasing supremacy of India. Irrespective of however practical the person you are talking to maybe, deep down inside his or her heart he would feel a prick about those lost jobs (something which the Democrats use as a major agenda for their election). And these retarded ‘wannabees’ feel eternal bliss when a person in Taco Bell says Thank you on buying a one dollar burrito and decide that US is a better place than Madras (or any place in India). Not that I am against the US or any country. In fact US is one of the most tolerant country in the world. Just imagine people from other countries migrating to India and taking up jobs. Our political parties would conduct strike, fasts and RSS would go to the extent of burning the foreigners. But that is another issue.
There are positives and negatives to any place. In Chennai, though you might have to sidestep open potholes, you can atleast walk at night with mind at peace and not worrying if a guy would shoot you to death to steal that one dollar in your pocket. My point is live anywhere in the World you like to. Just do not bad mouth Mambalam, Chennai, and India (specifically in that order). If you do so, I will be there to see that you receive your comeuppance.